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Willie Nelson Proves Age Is Just A Number with New Album

Willie Nelson is one of the most prolific and influential musicians of all time. He’s been a household name for decades; and in March of this year, he showed his fans that he’s still got it with the release of his new album.

Willie Nelson

Nelson has been a major part of nearly every transition to take place in country music.  Like few others, he’s retained his popularity for the full extent of that time. He released his first album, …And Then I Wrote, in 1962. The cover features a fresh-faced Nelson sporting a combover; quite different from what became his signature style. Since then, he’s released over 70 albums. His style changes considerably throughout his discography, but he tends to focus on classic country material like heartache, outlaws, and tales of the American landscape and lifestyle. He’s credited with the genesis of outlaw country, which many argue is the true spirit of the genre.

New Album

Impressively, at age 89, he released I Don’t Know A Thing About Love on March 3rd. The legend’s voice is still strong, clear, and smooth.  Interestingly, the songs featured on the album were originally written by Harlan Howard. Howard was a mentor and friend to Willie, and even gave him his first job as a song writer. Though the songs aren’t originals, the storytelling lyrics are as catchy and cool as ever, and give Harlan Howard due respect.  As usual, the instrumentals feature the classics of American country like weeping slide guitars, ripping bluegrass solos, understated but sweet acoustic guitar backings, wailing harmonicas, and lively pianos. The songs span the full range of human emotion and Willie’s varied styles. From upbeat and fun to downtrodden and sad, these songs cut to the core. Not only do the tracks pay homage to extensive history of country music, but to Willie’s storied career as well.


In addition to the release of this new album, Nelson is embarking on an American tour this spring and summer. Starting in April and running through August, Shotgun Willie will be traveling from sea to shining sea dispensing his classic country tunes. Take a listen to the new album on your preferred streaming service. If you’re truly a fan, purchase tour tickets here.

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