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Sanya N’Kanta Drops New Single With An Album To Release February

Last Wednesday Sanya N’Kanta dropped the official audio for the song “Waste My Time” on all platforms. The Charlotte based artist moves through classic rock, reggae, and electro-pop to deliver this sleeper hit.

The genre-hopping musician has just started to make his mark in the music industry releasing his first full-length album. The Counterfeit Revival was a platform for Sanya to talk about issues of race, immigration, and the black experience in 2020. Most recently, N’Kanta released “The Hard Lesson“– A Blues-like track about letting go of relationships.

The New Project

Sanya N’Kanta is releasing These Are the Days on February 12, 2021, via Cash Hill Records. Grammy-Award winning Chuck Alkazian and mastered by Grammy-Award winning Scott Hull  produced the six-song EP.

Like many artist, 2020 was a year to just focus on the basics and Sanya did just that, “When the pandemic hit, I decided to jump right back into the studio with an acoustic and an electric guitar,” writes Sanya. “My most significant adjustment was having my wife and kids around 24/7. My goal for this album was to be introspective and my family and friendships the inspiration for that.” He continues,

Sanya N'Kanta
Sanya N’Kanta press release

“I’ve been known to blur music genres, but I decided early on that this would be a rock record. I’ve always done rock n’ roll—my early bands were all rock—it comes naturally, and it’s what I love.”

Sanya N’Kanta Background

Sanya was born in Kingston, Jamaica and first started playing guitar there at 13. When his family relocated to the U.S. Sanya found himself immersed in a new culture of musical influence, but also head on with the issues of culture and racism.

Sanya N’Kanta found peace in music and explored a variety of genres. He grew up listening to 80s synth-pop, hip-hop, neo-soul, industrial grunge, retro-rock. As a musician, they all had an impact on his sound today. He defines as himself as a rocker in the Midwest scene where he records and performed originally.

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