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What’s Going On With Picture Parlour?

If Music Daily has ever introduced you to a hidden gem of an artist, then let this be another addition. Get to know Picture Parlour, a UK rock band that has just stepped into the scene.

Artist Profile: Picture Parlour

Dropping “Judgement Day” just last October, Picture Parlour now have two hits to their name. Joining “Norwegian Wood” as the first introductory glance into the band, “Judgement Day” is a promising insight into the future of the group.

Picture Parlour came to be after a successful search for musicians on Facebook from founding members, Katherine Parlour and Ella Risi. It wasn’t until the following year that the group—now a quartet—made their on-stage debut. In December of 2022, the band had their first gig at The Windmill in Brixton. This began a series of performances at the venue that furthered their music and introduced their sound to an intimate fanbase. Eventually, it even landed them a manager.

UK rock band, Picture Parlour
Credit: Picture Parlour, captured for NME

It’s unusual how Picture Parlour came to be. Depending on good ol’ word-of-mouth, the quartet has garnered quite the following despite only having two songs to their name. They’ve graced the lineups of multiple music festivals across the UK, and have even caught the eye of Courtney Love on Instagram. Their come-up has been the center of controversy amongst music enthusiasts, but it’s irrelevant once you press play on their tracks. The music truly speaks for itself.

There’s something about this UK band that promises greatness. Whether it’s the rockstar look of each of the members, or the Arctic Monkeys meets Amy Winehouse influence, we know with certainty that Picture Parlour is destined to shine. But what’s next? With no news of music on the way, we can only hope that the group rides this momentum and releases something soon. It’d be a shame to let a good thing die off this early in the game. So here’s to hoping for new music soon!

As always, you can count on Music Daily to keep you updated with the latest music news and discoveries. For now, check out Picture Parlour down below and thank us later.

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