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Little Simz Releases Fiery EP “Drop 7”

Drop 7 is the next installment in Little Simz’s impressively long, diverse discography. As she continues to dish out brain-tickling rhymes, she is undeniably consistent in her knack for innovation. She fearlessly explores different avenues, taking her rap to new musical corners. She pushes both herself and the genre to new heights.

Diversity Within Drop 7

Drop 7 starts strong with “Mood Swings,” which booms with echoing beats and a crunching texture that paves the way for the EP’s fiery feel. The London-based artist raps over crisp, punchy beats across tracks like the aptly named “Power.” Even though the experience is short-lived, it’s jam-packed with a futuristic texture. Despite the EP being less than 15 minutes long, Little Simz moves effortlessly between angrier tracks and more relaxed, somber songs. “Far Away” brings a jazzy feel with its saxophone segments, crafting a uniquely calming, yet sorrowful atmosphere reminiscent of 2022’s NO THANK YOU. “SOS” brings back some of the South African influences that highlight the impeccable Sometimes I Might Be Introvert.

Recognition for Little Simz

This release acts as the follow-up to 2020’s Drop 6. Embodying the impact of years of experience and experimentation, Drop 7 ultimately has a meatier, more unforgiving bite in its angrier moments. It explores a more diverse range of sound. Overall, this latest EP acts as the culmination of her work. Bits and pieces of NO THANK YOU, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert and GREY Area all rear their heads on Drop 7. Nevertheless, it takes these conventions and pushes them into new directions.

Her genius hasn’t gone unrecognized: she’s won several awards with her most recent being the MOBO Awards’ Best Hip Hop Act. She has a heaping list of impressive nominations, including the Mercury Prize Album of the Year and Best Female Act. She’s made history as the first female artist to sell out shows at Brixton Academy. Drop 7 is simply the next step towards more shows and awards.

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