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Arctic Monkeys’ Glastonbury Headlining Show in Doubt

English rock band Arctic Monkeys are scheduled to headline Glastonbury on Sunday. After a recent show cancellation, many fans are worried their favorite band will be a no-show.

All we have are cryptic clues to decipher the fate of Glastonbury‘s final concert. Last Monday, the band broke the news of frontman Alex Turner’s acute laryngitis and subsequent cancellation of Tuesday’s Dublin concert via social media. However, all the official accounts have now deleted said post. Some fans might suggest this means a change in Alex’s health. Others speculate it is simply a discretionary move to banish negative comments by irritated fans.

Image courtesy of Instagram.

Our only other possible clue thus far is a social media post shared by the girlfriend of Alex Turner, French singer Louise Verneuil. She posted a photo to her Instagram story with the caption “go Glasto”. Glasto is a common shortening of Glastonbury, of course. However, the singer has not addressed the subject anywhere else. Also, there is no sign of any of the Arctic Monkeys in her post.

Image courtesy of Instagram.

Potential Replacements for the Arctic Monkeys

The social media rumor mill is in full force, churning out big names like Harry Styles, Blur, Coldplay, and the Foo Fighters as potential replacements. Pulp is also a band that fans are throwing around, but the legendary English group are already rumored to be putting on a surprise, secret gig during the festival.

Regarding the real-deal Arctic Monkeys backup plan, co-organizer Emily Eavis told reporters the following: “I think we are going to be all right…They’ve cancelled that, he’s recovering…I’m sure we’re going to be all right…We’ve got a couple of backup plans if not. We’ve always got backup plans for everything.”

Though there is no official statement with time running out, that could be a good sign. Or a very, very bad one. Regardless, Fans are holding out hope the band remains the headliner, as well as continues on with their upcoming shows.

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