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Weathers’ Haunting, Reimagined “C’est La Vie”

For a band that experiments with a variety of styles and sounds, Weathers has made quite the home for themselves within the alternative rock genre. Their latest release challenges that.


From Hit To Remix

If you didn’t think a beloved hit song could become new and improved. Think again. “C’est La Vie” was a single that Weathers released in June 2020. The bouncy, bustling track was laced with head-spinning beats and mind-boggling instrumentation. Between the music itself and the illustrative production, the song showed that the band was throwing caution to the wind.


Sure, Weathers is an electric rock band with a wide variety of influences. At the end of the day, they’ve got a punk-rock mentality. This last single was, and is, an early-2000s action movie brought to life in one singular song. 


It whips back and forth between power pop and EDM with alternative rock still as its basis. Thanks to it’s merging of different musical qualities, it became a fast hit for the LA-based band. With millions of streams on a variety of platforms, (Over four million on YouTube alone!), it became one of the band’s fastest songs to be a genuine success. 


Although it was such a wonderful success, they decided to remix it. It wasn’t right away, so they did let the original song have its own moment. Nine months later, though, in April 2021, they released the cinematic mix of “C’est La Vie.”


The Genre Bending Music of Weathers

Weathers make music for people who hate being pinned down. Those who hate genres love Weathers because they have a song for everyone.


The updated version of “C’est La Vie” has a completely different vibe. While the first could have been part of an action movie, as previously described, the second absolutely cannot. It’s much more laid-back and harrowing in the best way possible. 


The song is much more relaxed and orchestrational compared to the first. To some extent, it lost its luster in the fun category, but instead gained intense emotion. A song that was such a hit for being so exhilarating to listen to was turned on its head. Fans can’t get enough of it, regardless. Just like the original, “C’est La Vie” (Cinematic Remix) is on its way to another round of success. 


Switching the song up was a risk for Weathers, but it’s who they are, so it paid off. Just like how they grew over time, their fans did as well. From mid-pandemic to possibly the end of the pandemic, fans have gone from looking for solace in music to connecting with it on a deeper level. Now, a haunting, hefty instrumental track with emotive vocals is what they needed. Weathers saw that, ran with it, and people are appreciative.

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