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St. Vincent’s 70s-Inspired “The Melting Of The Sun”

“The Melting Of The Sun” is St. Vincent’s take on what modern rock music would sound like if performed at an old school disco.


“The Melting Of The Sun” Preps For Daddy’s Home

2021 marks 15 years since St. Vincent formed her own band and fully stepped into her own. The art rock performer is now just about six albums deep and continues to reinvent herself. She has her signature style and authentic voice all mixed into her eclectic musicality. Yet, every step she takes and every year that passes showcases another side of her artistry. 


Her sixth studio album, Daddy’s Home, drops on May 14. The second single for the record just came out, setting the perfect stage for this new era. 


The first single, “Pay Your Way In Pain,” dropped at the start of March. It’s a wonderful three minute track that gives a taste of this forthcoming album. This second single, though, “The Melting Of The Sun,” is surreal. It is surreal in the sense of how amazing it is, but also in its intricately crafted production. 


“Pay Your Way In Pain,” the new single’s predecessor, was filled with groovy, funky tones. The vintage sound was strong and evident, but welcomed. St Vincent’s fresh take on the 1970s era of music allowed for an air of whimsical creativity to shine through. “The Melting Of The Sun” has the same aspects, but it is greatly soulful in comparison. 


“The Melting Of The Sun” reimagines the psychedelic rock of the seventies. It’s also just as much of a folksy singer-songwriter tune as it is a whirlwind glam rock track. It’s difficult to pin down, but entertaining and immersive nonetheless. 


Pinpointing St. Vincent’s Musical Inspo

St. Vincent, of which is the stage name for Annie Clark, curated a Spotify playlist to delve into this new sound. The evolution of St. Vincent has been impressive, but always remained original and powerful. Just looking through the playlist she made depicts the wide variety of interests and talents she has as both a musician and a music lover. 


Aptly title of Daddy’s Home Inspiration, the playlist includes icons ranging from Stevie Wonder to David Bowie to Paul McCartney‘s solo band, Wings. With these artists and songs in mind, fans are able to get an even closer look at this point in St. Vincent’s career. 


She is still a rocker and she is still an impressively pure artist. There is just a sprinkle of classic nostalgia found within this upcoming record. 


This past weekend, as she celebrated the release of the stellar “Melting Of The Sun,” St. Vincent performed on SNL. The otherworldly performance made Studio 8H feel like a St. Vincent concert – if it was set in 1975. She combined modern instrumentation and melodies with the look of a disco club and feeling of basement concert. In 2021, that is talent in and of itself. 

With a full band and a trio of vocalists, St. Vincent took to Saturday Night Live’s infamous stage to perform her latest singles. “Pay You Way In Pain” and “The Melting Of The Sun” allowed for a live musical moment in an age of few live shows. The songs were clearly meant to be performed on a stage in front of people in the most engaging fashion. St Vincent proved that on SNL and with these two spectacular new releases ahead of Daddy’s Home.

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