December 09, 2022

Between Friends’ “tape 002” Shimmers and Shines


Between Friends officially has the ball rolling on their latest mixtape series with tape 002 …. And it’s an exotic, ever-growing musical journey.


The Release of tape 002

Once again the sibling duo has outdone themselves. Tape 002 is the second mixtape in the series of three that is expected to extend into the summer months. The unexpected and magical harmonies from the last mixtape, tape 001, has carried over into this second one. 


As the band told EUPHORIA, the mixtapes can be described as, “Eclectic and colorful. Each tape adds something to the full project whether that be a new mood or a new sound from us. We just wanted to try and bring about new ideas. It’s all so different but comes together in a way that makes it very cohesive and very us.”


Forever altering genres, Between Friends has finally found a bit of consistency and stability within their sound. While it is still original and all over the place (in the best way possible), the second mixtape has allowed them to come into their own. Having three separate records come out in tandem with each other makes for a deeper story. This could be lyrically, musically, or just creatively. 


Feelings Drive Something New and Special Into the Hearts of Listeners 

It seems like the duo has used this project for the latter as their artistic voice can be heard stronger than ever. With heavy bass lines and clever lyrics, tape 002 finds a home in emotion.


With a driving beat and stories to tell, Between Friends evokes something surprising and every listener: the feeling of loss. Loss is much more than a break up or a death. Loss could simply be emotional detachment or just the questioning of a former interest. Tape 002 uses intriguing instrumentation and intimate soundscapes to build out these feelings. 


The urban pop meats crunchy alternative vibes are still alive and well, further proving the versatility of Between Friends. One of the singles off this recent mixtape is “tired of your love.” It’s an evocative tune that shimmers and shines with an amazing synth in the background. Just the title alone shares a piece of a heart wrenching but honest story.


This second mixtape, tape 002, is feelings driven, allowing the personalities of the two siblings to come through. It’s freeing and concise at the same time, while still being able to be an engaging and fun listen.



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