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Waterparks Rock Out With Single “SELF-SABOTAGE”

American rock band Waterparks releases "SELF-SABATOGE," the new pop-punk single from their still-unnamed fifth album.
Waterparks Spotify

American rock band Waterparks releases “SELF-SABOTAGE,” the new pop-punk single from their still-unnamed fifth album. This is the group’s first studio effort since 2019’s FANDOM. However, they did release a Greatest Hits compilation album last year.

Waterparks were a Rock Sound Artist of the Year 2021.

( The group currently consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Awsten Knight, backing vocalist and lead guitarist Geoff Wigington, and backing vocalist and drummer Otto Wood.)

Waterparks Is Being Cryptic

The band’s social media pages turned red on January 27 and posted an image signifying the beginning of a new, red-colored era. Among the nearly identical red posts, the varying message is suggestive. Waterparks and its team are doing everything right and are playfully teasing fans at a fun yet spaced-out speed.

Waterparks Is Being Cryptic About Fifth Album
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Little by little, the band revealed some news and new music, like they are with a new record label and departured from 300 Entertainment. Therefore, the new era is with Fueled by Ramen, which is a part of Elektra Music Group. Artists also under Fueled by Ramen are Paramore, fun., Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, and Twenty One Pilots.

Waterparks also gave fans a taste of their next album with their first single, “Funeral Gray,” paired with a sporadic music video. The track has a pop-rock backing sound describing front-man Knight flirting with a disinterested woman.

The album is speculated to feature an appearance from blackbear on a track that Knight previewed a 4-second long snippet of on Twitter earlier this year.

Also, Waterparks announced the “See You In The Future” tour with special guests Bad Sun and Phlem. Dates start July 12 and go until October 17. Get your tickets here.

“SELF-SABOTAGE” by Waterparks

Sink your teeth into this new release. Waterpark’s second single is just as the title says: it laments everyone’s bad habit but conceptualizes it in a self-aware way.

Though the guitar-driven pop-punk track has self-deprecating lyricism showing the bandmates aren’t taking it too harshly. It is just human nature. On the chorus, Knight sings, “I’m on my way to you, but I self-sabotage / So I might drive my car and crash into your garage / To get away from you, I’ll self-sabotage / If you like when we talk, I’ll dislocate my jaw.”

They are aware of the erratic behavior and confront it in the post-chorus, “What the f*ck is wrong with me?”

What do you think about Waterpark’s new single, “SELF-SABOTAGE”? Let us know in the comments!

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