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Waterparks Returns To The Property Era With ‘SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN’

Marking their first release since their latest album, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Waterparks has just dropped the new single and music video for “SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN.”


In an electric, synth-filled track riddled with love and adoration, Waterparks explores infatuation with that special someone in “SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN.” The trio takes the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” pickup line to a whole new level with this track. It’s a song that embodies worshipping the ground someone walks on, all whilst intertwining electro-pop and punk rock into an upbeat album conclusion. The lyrics (especially the chorus) are just as bright as the music video, declaring unconditional love and loyalty amidst being absolutely enamored.

Do you think God knows?

You’ve been sneaking out of heaven

Like were his eyes closed?

‘Cause there’s no way he’s just letting

You fall from the stars

And get in my car

Go to my place

And you put away your halo

Do you think God knows?

You’ve been sneaking out of heaven?

This single stands as the Houston-based, pop-punk band’s first release since April when they dropped their fifth studio album. With its release, Waterparks makes its official return to the beloved Property era. Teasing the song and music video for weeks on social media, fans were excited to see the extension of the iconic album with the addition of this twelfth track.

Here’s the music video:


Throughout 2023, Waterparks has had many iconic performances across the nation, including their most recent appearance in Las Vegas’s When We Were Young festival. And the fun is far from over! In addition to a new song and music video, the trio has also announced exciting news for early 2024. Fans can catch the pop-punk group performing in cities across America on their SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN tour this upcoming spring.

Check out the official tour poster down below to see where you can catch a Waterparks show near you! Tickets are available here for all dates.

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