Waterparks’ “Just Kidding” Takes Spotify By Storm

Can Waterparks do any wrong? At this point, fans and critics alike don’t quite think so. Regardless of what they’re doing, how they’re singing, or when they plan on releasing, it’s a success. The addition of streaming services within their career only aids in the evident and always expanding career growth of these alt rockers.


100,000 Listens… A Day!

It’s not necessarily ‘easy’ to do well on streaming services. However, it is easy to see the success first hand. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora listeners and more often hear hit tracks when they pop into their favorite playlist. The bigger the song – or even the more niche the artist – the better chance that these platforms have an algorithm that wants to serve it to you. 


Even if you’re not a massive fan or the song is out-of-the-box, popularity is popularity. These platforms, especially Spotify, create playlists, albums, newsletters, and compilations specifically for their users. Music fans and audience members are listening to music that they’re not only choosing, but what science and AI is choosing for them. 


Because of this, anyone and everyone can have success regardless of the promotional or professional push behind its release. With that, Waterparks do have a dedicated fan base. Their beloved tone of rock music also helps them pop up anywhere and everywhere, though. Their fans are their marketing team, their personalities are their brand, and their music… well, it’s just good. It’s fun, it’s relatable, it’s danceable, and occasionally emotional. What more could you want from music? 


Playlists, Playlists, Playlists

Spotify knows this and has the song, as well as others from the band, featured on a variety of coveted playlists at the moment. This includes “The New Alt,” “Pure Pop Punk,” “Rocktronic,” “The Scene,” “Punk Unplugged,” and more! The song that we are talking about is their latest single, “Just Kidding.” It is just one of many releases the band has dropped over the past few months. Because the band sees streaming platforms as a method to success, they are catering right to it. 


Instead of releasing a full-length album right off the bat, they are releasing bit-by-bit of a larger project (coming soon). Doing this benefits the way modern music listeners consume their respective songs and artists of choice. Music discovery is now based on the sound, style, and success of individual releases rather than larger-scale projects. By building on singles, Waterparks give fans a way to listen to music, but also let their music be discovered in a wider sense. 


Waterparks: A Modern Day Success Magnet

Nonetheless, Waterparks has made pop punk fun again. They have such an entertaining and amusing time being themselves in – and on – the songs and their videos. The angsty single “Just Kidding” is exactly that, and is being served to fans and possible fans alike by platforms like Spotify. Because of this, since its release on May 14, it has tracked over a hundred thousand streams a day. And yes, this is just on Spotify alone. 


Garnering 100,000 listens in an oversaturated music market is quite difficult. 100,00 a day for a modern rock band, though, that’s insane! People can argue that Waterparks are already established with a dedicated fandom. (I mean, there is a reason that the band named an album FANDOM, because of the power of their audience. Between an introspective, thoughtful release plan and passion for this new project, they are predictaing to have more success than ever. 


Waterparks are combining their driven, obsessive fans and the power of the digital era of music to bring them further into the mainstream. Alternative rock playlists and platforms, outlets and publications, are talking about “Just Kidding.” They are talking about Waterparks. Not to mention that their music is good regardless of how it’s coming out, so it’s being raved about by press. It’s also blowing up on Spotify as we speak.


Streaming services are interesting for those who love the physicality of music. On the same note, passionate fans of bands like Waterparks are able to capitalize off of this. These bands can release music for everyone and have it heard by anyone. At the same time, they can release merchandise for the fanbase that we all know is there – and is 50% of the driving force behind their modern success, anyway.

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