Internet Killed the Rockstar: Mod Sun’s Full Circle Moment

Mod Sun has had a prolific career ranging from songwriter to rapper, but Internet Killed the Rockstar, is his peak.

Growing Up Punk

Poet, songwriter, filmmaker, rapper, musician… the list goes on and on. Mod Sun is a creative force to be reckoned with. Since the beginning, he dabbled in the rock world, but it wasn’t until recently that he threw himself into it.

That’s right, the artist’s career has ranged from behind-the-scenes writing and producing to rapping on stage. Although, everything Mod Sun has done has led to this moment – the moment of Internet Killed the Rockstar. This 11-track album is rock in it’s most unique form. It’s also excruciatingly personal and a whole lot of fun –  just like Mod Sun himself. 

Every listener can feel how timeless and heartfelt this record is. Mod Sun himself also explained that recently in a press release. “Everything I made when I was growing up, as a teenager, is fully ingrained into everything I am now making as a 33-year old. My dream was to create a project that sounds like everything I’ve done musically.” And that is, without a doubt, is Internet Killed the Rockstar. 

Growing up a Blink-182 fan, Mod Sun should have seen this pop punk era of his coming. It not only fits who he is, but plays into everything he has worked toward in his career. Over the years, but especially the last few, Mod Sun has collaborated with various icons in the rock and pop punk genre. This new record, his fourth ever and first in four years, showcases that fully.

Friends & Icons Inspired Internet Killed the Rockstar

A handful of those have become deep-rooted friendships and allowed for memorable musical moments. Some of those are included on Internet Killed the Rockstar


Mod Sun’s connection to John Feldmann came full circle when he agreed to produce this record. Feldmann’s career has always been about pop punk classics and modern rock stars. Good Charlotte, The Used, and 5 Seconds of Summer are just a few of his friends and producing clients. 


Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun also released “Flames” just last month. “Flames” shot up to the Top 10 of Billboard’s U.S. Rock chart and was a fan favorite right off the bat. The beloved single is still killing it on alternative radio and on streaming. The coveted New Music Friday and Rock This playlists on Spotify were graced by Lavinge and Mod Sun’s hit, too.

Machine Gun Kelly + Mod Sun = An Unstoppable Modern Rock Duo

Adding to the full circle moment of Internet Killed the Rockstar is Mod Sun’s work with Machine Gun Kelly. As friends and frequent collaborators,  the duo are reviving pop punk in a modern age. Last fall, Mod Sun and MGK wrote and directed a feature film titled Downfalls High. The movie musical dropped in January to critical acclaim and garnered 16 million streams opening weekend alone.


Four years ago, when this album idea came to be, Mod Sun was working with blackbear. Blackbear, similar to Mod Sun and MGK, is a rockstar, rapper and, multi-faceted artist. Having many versatile skills has allowed all of these stars to skyrocket within the music industry. Together, writing songs and being friends, these three are an unbeatable combination. Throwing in the likes of Avril Lavigne and John Feldmann only adds to this special pop punk moment in time.

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