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Waterparks’ Über-Colorful Video for “Numb”

Once again, the Waterparks guys have released something bolder and brighter than ever before. No matter how big they become, though, they’ll always be those wild alt rockers from a small town in Texas.


New Video, New Era, Same Fun

The pop rock icons that are Waterparks are gearing up for their greatest hits. Although they’ve been around for just about a decade, Greatest Hits is their upcoming, fourth album. Not many bands can put out a greatest hits album and make it feel fresh, but Waterparks can. Why? Because it’s pretty much all new songs. 


As clever as ever, the three-piece band named their brand new, upcoming LP Greatest Hits. It drops May 21 and the world is ready for it. One of the singles off this record is “Numb,” a new release that has pop punk fans rolling down their windows and singing on the top of their lungs.


Waterparks are known for their exuberance and off-the-wall personalities. Lead singer Awsten Knight is a character in and out of himself. The upbeat, uptempo, and generally happiness-inducing track has solidified itself as a fan favorite already – not even two weeks after it’s release!


“Numb” is a bouncy and rowdy song about self-care. Sure, for people like Knight self care is, as he sings, “dying your hair green.” (In the video it’s multi-colored, though.) For others, also expressed in the song, it’s owning up to your emotions. When you realize somebody is not appreciating you for your genuine, true self, you have to move past them. That is self care.


Relationships work on trust and acceptance, throughout the good and the bad. “Numb” delves into the feelings that come with lack of feelings. Putting yourself first in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, is vital. You don’t want to feel, for lack of a better word, numb.


Waterparks: A Wonderfully Confusing Pop Punk Band

The colorful music video for this single is just another notch in the trio’s critically-acclaimed belt. Time and time again they release outstanding videos for hit songs. Their brand, their aesthetic, and their overall style is curated to perfectly match who they are and what their sound is.  Yet, it’s extremely contradictory.


Yes, the video is filled with psychedelic lights and over-saturated colors. Yes, the song is fun and upbeat. That doesn’t mean that the lyrics aren’t a bit melancholy and harsh, as well as brutally honest. “Now I’m mad about – I don’t know what! All I know is that this isn’t love. You only like me when I’m numb.”


The juxtaposition between the look and personality of Waterparks and their music is part of what makes them so charming. Fans got to watch this beautiful music video (which is the closest they’ll get to live music since their March 27 global livestream), but the second they dwell on the lyrics, it’s clear that there is an obvious sadness and rage found deep within. 


Luckily, to match that blip of emotion within the song, there is a pause in the rainbow hue of the music video. Towards the latter end of the two-and-a-half minute movie, there is a shift to a completely blue-toned scene. Rain pours down over the band as they perform, leaving Knight drenched in both pain and water. It’s a bit of a breakdown after the chaotic energy of the rest of the song, but that’s Waterparks for you. 


Waterparks is a bnad who names a song of brand new tracks, Greatest Hits. They are also a band who make trippy, brightly colored music videos for angst-filled breakup songs.

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