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The Marías Unveil New Single “Un Millón”

Two months after the release of the lead single off their forthcoming album CINEMA, The Marías are back with “Un Millón.”

Singer Marias Remembers her Hometown in “Un Millón”

“Un Millón” is The Marías’ second single under Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records. Nevertheless, they have released EPs and more songs in the past. The new song follows up “Hush,” which came out in April earlier this year.

The Los Angeles band has utilized its strength as a bilingual group to connect with its audience. The lead singer, María Zardoya, is originally from Puerto Rico. Releasing tracks in both English and Spanish was a “very natural decision” according to her.

“Un Millón” unfolds balanced rhythms, fascinating melodies, and lyrics that express tender affection Puerto Rico. “I wanted to pay tribute to the Island, its music, and its people,” María shares in a statement. “In the song, I’m referring to some of the places I used to visit with my family when I was little.”

CINEMA Has an Album Trailer!

The Marías recently celebrated CINEMA with an impressive new album trailer, directed by Zardoya and co-edited with producer/drummer Josh Conway. In dreaming of their first LP, Zardoya and Conway drew inspiration from hyper-imaginative filmmakers like Pedro Almodóvar and Wes Anderson. They achieved an untamed emotionality that sharply amplifies the innermost feelings. By sharing CINEMA with the world, the band hopes to ignite an equally powerful creative impulse in its listeners.

“We want people to be inspired to create anything. Music or art or whatever else appeals to them,” says María. “We hope the songs help them break away from real life for a moment. Create some kind of dream world in their heads, kind of like scenes from their own movie.”

“Un Millón” will be the 8th track in the album, while “Hush” will be number 3. CINEMA will be out in a couple of weeks on June 25, so whether you like music in English or Spanish, make sure to check it out! It will be a Bilingual album for everyone.

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