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H.E.R. Invites Chris Brown To “Come Through” On New Duet

H.E.R. and Chris Brown have reunited for a brand new and flirtatious R&B duet, “Come Through.” It marks the duo’s third collaboration to date.

H.E.R. & Chris Brown Go Way Back

This new track was written by the pair alongside Tiara Thomas and Cardiak, who also produced the song. “Come Through” is H.E.R and Chris Brown’s third collaboration. The first time they worked together was in 2019 after Chris recruited H.E.R. for “Come Together,” which was included on his album Indigo. 

The second time they were together in the studio, they were not alone. This time, Chris, accompanied by Pop Smoke and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, joined H.E.R. for a remix version of her hit song “Slide.”

It seems like every time these two get together, a hit comes out as a result. This is no surprise, though, as they have known each other for a while. In 2018, H.E.R. also accompanied Chris on his Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour. It’s clear that after knowing each other for over three years, they have become great friends… And even better collaborators.

Reuniting For “Come Through”

“Come Through” is a spicy song where H.E.R. and Chris get to flirt with each other. She expresses that she has not had the best day and needs someone to make her feel better. That someone, naturally, turns out to be Chris Brown. 

“Almost missed my flight today. I look good, even though I feel shitty. I just got back out this way. You already got plans for the city. Call ’em off, could you call ’em off for me?” H.E.R. sings in the first verse. They both then unite in the chorus, “But you should come through tonight. I’m chilling on the Westside, boo. Call my homegirl, tell your best friend. You can slide too on the low, a remote location.”

A New H.E.R. Album Is Coming Soon!

This new song is not all the news that H.E.R. has in store for her fans, though. Two days after the premiere of “Come Through,” she posted on Instagram a picture of a notebook that had the words “Back Of My Mind” written on the title line. Right down below, there was also the beginning of a tracklist drafted. Two songs, “We Made It” and “Back Of My Mind,” start the list off, with song three still being blank. In her caption, she said “Album!!,” officially announcing her upcoming project. 

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