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Wallows Announce Their New Album

Wallows, Los Angeles alt-rock trio, have made waves on social media with the announcement of their new album. Titled Tell Me That It’s Over, their sophomore project is releasing on March 25th of this year. They also dropped “Especially You,” a new single from the forthcoming album.

Releasing a Loved-Up Single

As if their album announcement wasn’t enough, Wallows thrilled their fans with the release of a new single, “Especially You.” The loved-up track is perfect for Valentine’s Week or a drive through the city. Wallows, true to their lighthearted discography, create an amusing single, complete with killer vocals. The music video for “Especially You” is just as amusing, with the boys walking to different pastel-hued sets.

“Especially You” Explained

Of the track, Minette stated, “It’s about when you’re in the early stages of a relationship and you get so worried that the other person’s mind will change at the flip of a switch…It’s about stressing over the smallest things for no reason, but it’s definitely self-aware about the fact that I’m doing this all to myself.” Undoubtedly, Minette and the Wallows boys brought this feeling to life.

Recognizing the Wallows Boys

If you think you recognize one of the band members, you probably do. Wallows’ Dylan Minnette has made a name for himself outside of music, as he was the star of the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. Of course, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston are both incredibly talented as well, with Lemasters featuring in multiple shows and Preston being a masterful composer.

More On Tell Me That It’s Over 

Tell Me That It’s Over will consist of 10 tracks in the alternative genre. “Especially You” and “I Don’t Want to Talk” are both featured on the album. “I Don’t Want to Talk” dropped back in September and fans loved it. Of course, if their recent releases are any indication, Tell Me That It’s Over is a surefire hit.

Are you excited for Wallows’ new album? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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