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Dove Cameron Confesses She Could Be a Good “Boyfriend”

Actress, singer, and songwriter Dove Cameron released her newest single “Boyfriend,” marking her first solo track in almost one year.

Fans Instantly Fell in Love With “Boyfriend”

All the music that Dove releases turns instantly into gold. That’s a fact now. Turns out, fans first got to hear a snippet of “Boyfriend” on TikTok, and they all went crazy for it instantly. The video received so much attention (more than 6 million likes!) that Dove decided to release the song earlier than expected, and shared it as a surprise the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

Dove is never afraid to explore different genres and themes when it comes to making new music. Last year, she released the catchy “LazyBaby,” where she talked about feeling like her romantic partner wasn’t putting enough effort to keep their relationship going. 

Now, “Boyfriend” is a complete queer anthem, where Dove expresses her attraction toward a girl. In the song, she affirms that although the girl she likes has a boyfriend already, Dove tries to convince her to leave him and be with her instead. “I could be a better boyfriend than him. I could do the shit that he never did. Up all night, I won’t quit. Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him. I could be such a gentleman. Plus all my clothes would fit,” she sings in the chorus.

Dove Talks About Her Inspiration For The Song

“In writing ‘Boyfriend,’ I feel like I finally found my sound, my perspective, and myself in a way I wasn’t sure I ever would,” Dove said in a press release. “I am so immensely happy to have this song and this part of me out in the world. I hope you feel access to yourself when you listen to it too.”

On an Instagram post where she shared the original paper sheet where she wrote the lyrics for “Boyfriend,” Dove added, “Even though boyfriend is a sexy recount of a particular night late last year, it’s also how I felt growing up queer & feeling heartbroken over/for the women around me who I wished I could treat better than the men who never saw the fullness and the magic of who they were.”


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