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Kilo Kish and Vince Staples – “NEW TRICKS: ART AESTHETICS AND MONEY”

Kilo Kush "NEW TRICKS" single coverKilo Kish shares her voice on today’s culture

Kilo Kish, the solo project of Kish Robinson, recently premiered her new single titled NEW TRICKS: ART AESTHETICS AND MONEY.  The track features close friend and frequent collaborator, Vince Staples.  Staples, her fellow labelmate from Blacksmith Records, often features Kish in his solo projects.  Now, we see the two collaborate on Kish’s newest track.

In an interview with NYLON Kish says that “I’ve recently been more interested in cultural commentary through music” and on NEW TRICKS she let go of her “interpretation of the business landscape for working artists.”  She continues by explaining the track is a commentary on the constant pressure on artists to be “relatable” and have a strong “social presence” when releasing music.  Kish has always created art that is conceptual and forward-thinking.  Not only a musician, Kish as a performance artist and filmmaker has had her work featured all over. The Getty Center, The Hammer Museum, and The Museum of Image and Sound in Brazil have all spotlighted her.

A speech before an uprising

On NEW TRICKS Staples appropriately opens the critical song with “Welcome everybody, let’s begin.”  Then, Kish fills every verse with lines criticizing society’s view of artists.  “This soul is a bargain” and “Oh, then we drink their youthful spring” professes Kish.

With the production, the track is heavily EDM influenced. Ray Brady, the man behind Kish’s NICE OUT is the producer on the maximal track.  With Kish narrating over the heavy beat with lyrics full of truth the song has an apocalyptic feel.  It feels like the speech before an uprising – empowering and hypnotizing.

The influence behind the track follows suit with her two previous singles.  Both the title track for her upcoming album AMERICAN GURL and BLOODY FUTURE, the first and second single from the project, share this sentiment.  They’re a way to show Kish’s story as an American girl. “It specifically speaks to others’ perceptions of you and trying to overcome my own history, black history, the need to be a success story, and an achiever,” she says of the music.

To hear more of Kilo Kish’s music expect her sophomore LP AMERICAN GURL on March 25th.

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