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Victoria Beckham To Reunite with Spice Girls for Docuseries

Victoria Beckham is going to reunite with the Spice Girls for their upcoming TV documentary series.

Victoria Beckham is Spicing Up Her Life

Victoria Beckham
Image Source: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer

Posh Spice, otherwise known as Victoria Beckham, is rejoining the British 90s girl group the Spice Girls. She and Mel B, Melanie C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner are reuniting for a new TV documentary series about the girl group that laid the groundwork for so many groups of today. The show will detail the girls’ rise to stardom, as well as their enormous impact on pop culture and music.

spice girls and nelson mandela

The series will be made by the same team that made The Last Dance, the hit Netflix docuseries about basketball star Michael Jordan. According to Simon Boyle at The Sun, Mel B referred to The Last Dance in an Australian interview, saying, “The director and the whole concept of how that was shot and filmed is really, really, really good. So we’ll be doing our own version with them.”

What Have the Spice Girls Been Up To?

Back in 2019, the girls had reunited for a tour—without Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice had elected to opt out of a reunion tour, disappointing fans across the world. However, once a Spice Girl, always a Spice Girl. Even Victoria Beckham can’t deny that she needs spice in her life.

This past July, Beckham sang the 1997 hit “Stop” for her family while vacationing in France. Her husband, David Beckham, even filmed her and posted it on his Instagram for the fans. Check it out here!

Additionally, for Horner’s 50th birthday, all five girls will perform together for the first time since the closing ceremony of London Olympics in 2012.

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