VÉRITÉ Talks Relationships On “he’s not you”

Brooklyn-based rising artist VÉRITÉ released her latest single. “He’s not you” arrives as the follow-up to “by now.”

Get to Know VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ is an indie-pop artist who is an extremely hard worker. After she started her career back in 2014 with her debut EP Echo, she has not taken any breaks from music. Instead, she has released a combination of singles, EP’s, and even albums every year. This year, she has released so far two solo singles: “by now,” and now, “he’s not you”. Last month, she also collaborated with Jax Anderson for their track “Bigger Together.”

VÉRITÉ’s efforts are certainly paying off, as her 2016 hit “Somebody Else” has over 128 million streams on Spotify. Another one of her popular singles, “Underdressed,” has reached over 27 million streams on the platform.

“He’s not you” tells a story of a complicated relationship. In the lyrics, VÉRITÉ explains feeling lonely after her partner is gone for an undetermined amount of time. To fill the emptiness, she finds someone else to spend time with, but she admits it’s not the same. “He’s not you, but you’re not here. And I’d be alone, but I’m too scared. So I’m callin’ to somebody. Who don’t know me like you did, like you did,” she sings in the chorus.

In a statement, VÉRITÉ shared how the track came to life. “This song started as a very rough verse and chorus idea that I wrote alone in my bedroom. I brought the idea to a friend I met on Zoom and we developed the production and the remainder of the song together,” she explains. “There’s something pretty freeing about working remotely because it gives you a lot of time and space to step away. The song patched itself together via a few emails and calls.”

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