Banoffee Shares Her Regrets on “Idiot”

Australian singer-songwriter Banoffee shared her latest single “Idiot,” which plays the part of the lead single off her upcoming album Tear Tracks.

Banoffee Has a Strong Love For Music

Just last year, Banoffee shared her debut album Look at Us Now Dad. With a total of 14 electrifying songs, it arrived as the well-deserved album she was working for years to deliver. Now, Banoffee shows that fans will not have to wait much longer to get another one. Right after “Idiot” came out, she broke the news on her Instagram account that she had an upcoming album on the way. Tear Tracks, Banoffee’s sophomore album, will come to light on October 1.

“Idiot” is a thrilling track where Banoffee shares to a lover that she has been missing them and has been thinking about things she will probably regret later. “I’m sorry, I missed you. You know that I’m hurting. Wanna stay in, do bad things I regret, I’m an idiot,” she sings.

Tear Tracks Will Make You Want to Spend the Night in

In a statement about the accompanying Phebe Schmidt–directed video, Banoffee said, “Making this video was such a joy. Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience. Of course, a moment on a love heart bed was crucial. ‘Idiot’ is about needing to stay indoors and be self-indulgent. It’s about indulging in brattiness, with the help of my amazing creative team. I think we made a version of that that’s really fun.”

Banoffee also shared to Paper Magazine how Tear Tracks will be an album for introverted people who want to just chill for the night and forget about the world. “ The album is for people who just want to stay indoors and aren’t really willing to try and be picked up yet,” she says. “I want people to cry in the car listening to this, driving at night, in the shower. I want someone to think ‘I want to feel sad, I’m gonna put on Tear Tracks.”

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