Jeremy Zucker Just Wanted His Ex-Lover to be “HONEST”

Pop-punk rising artist Jeremy Zucker released a new single. “HONEST” arrives as the follow-up to “18” and it’s a very personal song for the singer.

Jeremy Pours his Heart out on “HONEST”

In “HONEST,” Jeremy explains going through a toxic relationship where his partner wasn’t always truthful to him. It’s highly personal to him, as wrote the entire song by himself based on his past experience. 

“HONEST” is a pop-punk ballad, where Jeremy shows us a different side of him. Certainly, pretty much poles apart from his last single “18,” which was a fun song about an interesting 18-year-old girl who caught his eye.

The chorus to the new song is very long, so we can see that Jeremy had a lot to say about this broken relationship. “I was so sentimental. And you came for my head. We were both on the brink. I was holding my breath. You were so f*cking twisted. And it’s hard to be indifferent. When I know. Just be honest with me, babe. Cast me out with the cynics. And the saints all alike. You’re a runaway truck. I’m a guy on a bike. You were so f*cking sh*tty. Get me out of this city. ‘Cause I know. Just be honest with me, babe.”

He Will Hit the Road This Fall

Jeremy expressed how important this song was for him in a press statement. “‘HONEST’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written thus far,” he says. “And I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone. It’s about someone I used to date who turned out to be a pathological liar. The realization that I was being lied to and manipulated by someone I sincerely trusted hit me like a brick wall.”

Recently, Jeremy announced he will be hitting the road across the U.S. this fall. The MORE NOISE!!!! Tour will kick off in Portland, Oregon on October 19 and it will come to an end in Washington, DC on November 22. Del Water Gap and Babygirl will join him as supporting acts. A full list of dates and tickets can be found at 

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