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Valley Deliver Optimistic “The Problem Song”

JUNO Award-Nominated alternative-pop band Valley released their new single “The Problem Song,” via Capitol Records / Universal Music Canada.

“The Problem Song” Looks Into a Relationship’s Story

Valley is back with a new song! If you haven’t heard of this band yet – boy, you’re missing out! Especially if you’re into good alternative-pop music. The band characterizes itself by playing with its music and lyrics, always resulting in a chill vibe, yet a fun atmosphere.

This time, “The Problem Song” follows that route. The song is optimistic, talking about a relationship going through a rough patch, yet strongly believing that it can survive if both partners put enough effort into it. “I put paper to pen and therapy said. ‘Maybe we can start again’. Yeah, we got problems, baby. But I know that we can fix them,” are some of the lyrics in the chorus.

“‘The Problem Song’ is the beginning of a whole new chapter for us,” lead vocalist Rob Laska says. “It’s our most delicate attempt at holding space in a song while still having a chorus that feels powerful both emotionally and sonically. We really tried to keep the production engaging without getting in the way of the very universal message of the lyrics. We didn’t hold back on really saying it as it is. ‘The Problem Song’ simply put is about switching on hope on the grounds of your relationship with someone you’ve loved for a long time. It’s about the unexpected shit that is the reality of being with “the one” for a long time. It’s about finding joy in the pursuit of starting again.”

Other Exciting Projects From Valley

“The Problem Song” follows Valley’s April release of “CHAMPAGNE,” a special track that saw vocalist and drummer Karah James take on the lead vocals for the first time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to do so!

Valley recently performed at the Slow Life Slow Live Festival in South Korea. The lineup included artists like LANY, Jonas Blue, Tones and I, LAUV, and many more. We’ll have to stay tuned for hopefully any tour announcements!

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