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Abby Holliday: Where Are They Now?

Abby Holliday via Atwood Magazine

‘Where are They Now?’ provides an update on the current success of past Music Discovery artists. This week we are taking a deep dive into Pop/indie vocalist and songwriter Abby Holliday. The Cincinnati-based singer has a poetic style of songwriting, and explores genres not limited to: alternative rock, indie pop, and indie rock.

Abby Holliday’s Debut Album 

Speaking of, her 2021 debut album When We’re Far Apart I Fall Apart, successfully demonstrates Holliday’s versatility and profound songwriting. She paints clear imagery with lines like “Lately my songs have been lazy/Susan at the table from my neighbors/And their skeleton dog”. And she includes clever metaphors, “Distract me/So I don’t notice my teeth are falling out/Build a wall around mе/To keep the eels out of my bedroom”. 

New Single “Predictable Life”

Following her debut album, Abby Holliday has finally released new music. The honest and vulnerable record “Predictable Life” was released on September 9th. The 24-year old explains the taxing cycle of seeking love. Dating involves disappointments, heartbreaks and weaving through a pool of partners. “I find a boy who looks really nice/It doesn’t work/He’s not my type/Another day in the predictable life.” 

Lyrical Breakdown

In detail, Holliday can’t find peace in her own company, therefore, she seeks comfort and happiness in her love interests. “So I get back in the game/Like I never ever sat the bench all those days/And I fall in love to fill a void.” Holliday’s uncomfortable truths are relatable to many people. We use love as a distraction and medicine to cure our own issues. In Abby’s case, she doesn’t love herself. She uses love to run away from herself. But, no matter how far and how many times she runs away, she can’t escape herself. Everyday consists of dating failures, ending up alone, then having to face her self hatred.

Lastly, Abby concludes “Predictable Life” with facing her loneliness on a Friday night. She wants to learn to love herself though, she has a long road ahead. I believe she is willing to try again, and break the predictable cycle once and for all.

▶ Featured Artist: Abby Holliday

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