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Djo Changes in New Album: “DECIDE”

Djo is back! Now with a brand new album since his live debut, “DECIDE” is a turn in the right direction. Today we’ll be covering the three core tracks of the album. Looking into how they’re not just the best of the best, but how it represents the album as a whole. So strap in, it’s your friendly neighborhood writer Juan, and this is “DECIDE”.


An Absolutely Perfect Opening: “Runner” 

Going into change and growth, this opener has got it all. Djo has mastered the vibe and musical composition; establishing everything you’re in for. The synths, the desire to try and try again, and acknowledging that money “grows and dies.” It’s just really infectious and perfect. Just have a listen by clicking the audio below. 


“Change” Keeps it Going: 

The aptly named “Change” continues this in an incredible track. Vocally, things are a lot closer to the era of “Chateau.” Basically, Djo sounds a lot more like Djo rather than the alter ego, and man behind the mullet and mustache: Joe Keery. That said, it’s wonderfully electronic and fun. Lyrically, it’s acknowledging that change is actually a good thing!  


“Figuring You Out” is Djo at His Most Introspective: 

Now, I’ve covered this song already. Click here for the full article. As for those who refuse to do so, here’s the Cliffnotes version. Djo in “Figuring You Out” is him figuring out someone. Whether that’s who he is by the end of the album or someone else, it isn’t entirely clear. Production wise it’s utterly perfect! It’s an earworm and one I’m glad to have stuck in my head. 



So that’s that. That’s the trifecta to Djo and his introspective, fun, and incredibly classic sounding album “DECIDE.” Interested in giving the rest a listen? I recommend it completely! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.


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