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V of BTS Stars in IU’s Newest Music Video

Who is IU?

IU is a K-pop soloist who has been in the industry since 2008. She’s under EDAM Entertainment and is known for her impressive vocal range and iconic high notes that she can hit effortlessly live. IU has a soft tone that makes her unique in the K-pop scene, boosting her to success all over the world. Her nickname is “The Nation’s Little Sister” as she is one of the most recognizable and cherished artists from Korea. Along with her large discography, she has acted in various K-dramas. IU also created her own talk show, IU’s Palette, in 2021. She currently holds the record for most awarded music show wins for a K-pop soloist with 93 awards.

IU is the first K-pop soloist, female artist, and only the second act ever to debut at #1 on the Melon chart. She has proven herself as a top artist in her country and, this summer, she is embarking on her first-ever U.S. world tour in stadiums all across North America. One of her notable songs is “Lilac.” Her airy vocals against a bright city, indie pop production make a perfect combination. “Lilac” is about saying farewell her to 20s, as this was her last project before turning 30. It has a catchy melody and showcases IU’s vocal ability when the song goes into the pre-chorus. Her high notes are perfectly layered on this track. The song definitely deserves a listen.

Courtesy of Vogue Korea

IU and BTS’ Collaborations

“Love wins all” is not the first time IU has collaborated with members of the group BTS. SUGA produced and featured on the single “Eight” released in 2020. IU and SUGA ended up winning the MAMA Award for Best Collaboration for this song. According to Genius, “The song talks about adults forgetting their past, their own-self, their dream, who they really are and the memories of their childhood and teenage years as they become swept away with rushing life, accepting themselves as ones they never were.” It is titled “Eight” because, at the time of its release, both artists were 28 years old.

IU and SUGA’s second collaboration was released in 2023 under SUGA’s persona, Agust D. The track is titled “People Pt.2.” SUGA describes this track and its meaning in an interview with Billboard. He says, “In the past — and I’ve always said this in my interviews — personally, I think loneliness is being together in modern society. I always talk about loneliness in my interviews, but regretfully, it isn’t always in the final interview. Not only me, everyone has this loneliness inside them until the moment they die.”

“Love wins all” Song Review

“Love wins all” is the first release by IU from her upcoming album, which has not been announced in depth. This is IU’s newest solo release since 2021. The track is a ballad that tells the story of a love so deep that the lovers will go to the ends of the Earth for each other. She wants to run away forever with him, as their love wins all; nothing can replace it. Memories between the two will last for eternity. Their relationship is sacred. It is a beautiful song with IU’s talented vocals that fans know and love. The romantic track is perfect, with lyrics that really hit you in the feels, such as, “Go to the end with me, my lover. Two of us, side by side, gone astray on purpose.”

“Love wins all” Music Video

The music video for “Love wins all” has a post-apocalyptic theme where V of BTS stars as the love interest. The two are in hiding, trying to survive, which relates to the song’s message that this relationship is strong even if they die. V and IU flirt throughout the video as they are madly in love. The acting was next level. The two played their roles perfectly.

They take turns recording each other on a camera, showing their affection for one another. IU stroked V’s hair as he looked deeply into the camera. V records IU smiling and looking into the camera. At the end of the video, they have a wedding ceremony. Memories filled with smiles and love appear, reflecting on the good times before the world was coming to an end. They run away from a screen trying to kill them, and end up trying to fight back. The music video ends with V and IU holding each other while they, sadly, are killed with the rest of the universe. It is a deep, meaningful video and tells an amazing story of lovers who will forever be together even after they die.

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