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Qveen Herby Releases New EP ‘Muse’

Qveen Herby, a rapper, singer, and songwriter, has just recently released her latest EP, Muse.

Who is Qveen Herby?

Amy Renee Heidemann Noonan, better known by her stage name Qveen Herby, has just dropped her latest EP, Muse. This is her first EP of the new year, but it is far from the start of her discography.

Qveen Herby’s albums and EPs go back to 2017. However, before there was a Qveen Herby, there was Karmin. Karmin was a pop duo that began on YouTube. It signed with a record label and released its first EP in 2012. Amy was one half of that duo, along with her now-husband, Nick Noonan.

After marrying each other, the duo decided to disband and focus on Amy’s solo artist career as Qveen Herby. Now, in addition to the Qveen Herby music, the two also host a podcast together called “House of Herby.”

The EP ‘Muse’

Muse starts off with “THANK GODDESS.” The song is a little repetitive, which does work for an introductory-type song. It flows well, and has a certain celestial aura. Additionally, it rocks the rap and trap feel. “THANK GODDESS” even includes a medusa reference, which ties to the album cover.

“CHUCKY CHEESE” is pretty good, once you get past the name. Herby both sings and raps in this song. The song has a pop and trap mix that seems to work somehow. It’s just the fact that “Chucky Cheese” is said so much in the song as part of the chorus that keeps this song from being one of the best of the EP. While it does get easier to hear “Chucky Cheese” so much throughout the song, it still seems a little random, though, perhaps not too random for the funky vibe Qveen Herby has.

The lyricism in “MARIE ANTOINETTE” is what sticks out the most. Specifically, the chorus and the bridge showcase Herby’s skills as a songwriter the most.

Read the chorus below:

Just a foolish mortal
Learnin’ my new normal
Stop and smell the roses again
Soak up these bath salts
Lavender patchouli
Conjure up the new me
Pampered like Marie Antoinette
I love it

Now, check out the bridge:

My routine is I no longer believe
The things my ego tells me, I’ll give it the guillotine
And my evolution has picked up a new speed
I’m dreamin’ the bigger dream, I’m whippin’ the whipped cream

“JUST FOUND OUT” illustrates Herby’s vocal slides and vocal range as a singer. Finally, “5D” and “DRESS CODE” were released last year as singles as part of the promotion for Muse.

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