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Troye Sivan Enlists PinkPantheress and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin for New “Rush (Remix)”

English artist PinkPantheress and Stray Kids' Hyunjin breathe new life on the Australian singer's remix.

After its polarizing release, Troye’s Sivan’s “Rush” gets a remix featuring PinkPantheress and Hyunjin of Stray Kids. The collaborative single’s cover art is minimal: pink silhouettes of the A-list trio doing the “Rush” choreography against a white backdrop.

Sivan released the original track back in July. However, the single became a TikTok sleeper hit despite the popular euphoric dance synths, most likely due to its adults-only context: the track’s title references the poppers brand Rush, an inhalable nitrate at the center of queer nightlife. With Vogue, Sivan clarifies how much the song is about the substance, “I mean, sure. Loosely. Not no.”

Regardless of its underhanded meaning, “Rush” is a celebration of queer liberation; it’s care-free, playful, and plenty cheeky.

PinkPantheress is the first switch-up to occur, taking over the second verse. The 20-year-old English rising star continues to the mind-altering substance innuendo from the original song.

“I know you’re somebody interested in dancin’ / I just told my lover, ‘Baby, tell me.’ (Yeah) / ‘Did you really care I two-stepped with another?’ / But you’re still my sunshine, take this with me / And I finished it so I know I’m sure / Haven’t done this since September / Right around then you were at my door.”

Sivan also enlists K-pop group Stray Kids’ Hyunjin for some background support in the song’s last pre-chorus and onwards. After meeting at Dua Lipa x Versace’s “La Vacanza” 2023 Fashion Show in May, the Australian singer procceded to thrist over the K-pop idol on TikTok. Although he didn’t get a full verse, this ccollaboration marks Hyunjin first solo effort from Stray Kids.

“Rush” is the lead single off Sivan’s forthcoming third album, Something to Give Each Other, out October 13. His last album was 2018’s Bloom, which he spoke about over Instagram recently. “It’s not lost on me that some of you guys have been following along since i was the kid w the stye in my eye in that first video,” he said. “Btw — I didn’t mean to take 5 years to make this album.”

Listen to “Rush (Remix)” by Troye Sivan featuring PinkPantheress and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin below. Check out more Releases on Music Daily!
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