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NCT Debut Concert Series NCT NATION: To The World

NCT have brought fans to their knees with their concert series NCT NATION: To The World.

NCT NATION: To The World

Kpop boy group NCT is making waves as all 20 of its members come together to stand on one stage and perform. The group is an impressive force to be dealt with. Its sub-units—NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, and NCT DOJAEJUNG—are no joke either.

NCT NATION: To The World is the Kpop idols’ first-ever offline concert series to include all sub-units. For fans who are unable to attend the concerts, performances will be streamed through Naver’s Beyond LIVE.

There will be five concerts in total. On August 26th, the boys kicked things off at Seoul’s Incheon Munhak Stadium. Then, they’re going to continue in Japan for the remaining four concerts. They will spend two nights at Osaka’s Yanmar Stadium Nagai on September 9th and 10th. Finally, the concert series will, sadly, conclude on September 16th and 17th at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium.

Unfortunately, NCT’s Taeil is unable to perform in the concerts. A few weeks ago, he was in an accident. A motorcyclist disobeyed traffic laws and collided with the vehicle Taeil was in. The singer had a fracture in his right thigh and underwent surgery. He is now recovering, and encouraging fans to enjoy the performances while he continues receiving treatment.

Despite the missing member, the concert series is proving itself to be an exciting experience. SM Entertainment, the group’s label, is known for finding and creating artists who have beautiful, powerful vocals when singing, rapping, and dancing live. Fans who witnessed the concert, whether live or online, are raving about the songs performed.

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