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PinkPantheress Wavers with Destroy Lonely on New Single “Turn Your Phone Off”

PinkPantheress is back with a new single in collaboration with rapper Destroy Lonely—“Turn Your Phone Off.”

“Turn Your Phone Off”

Bath-born singer, songwriter, and producer PinkPantheress has teamed up with American rapper Destroy Lonely on “Turn Your Phone Off.” The song is classic PinkPantheress: a fast, electronic beat, honest lyrics, and an overall relaxed, R&B sound.

In a tweet about dropping “Turn Your Phone Off,” PinkPantheress mentions what the song means to her and how happy she is with the collaboration.

“Turn Your Phone Off” tells the story of receiving calls and texts from someone you have mixed feelings about. In the chorus, PinkPantheress sings about the confusing feelings that waver between wanting to talk and knowing she shouldn’t.

I turned my phone off, but your calls still come through
I don’t know why they do, I don’t even like you
The very next day, you tried again and again
I don’t know why you call me, when will I see the end?
I-I-I turned my phone off but your calls still came through
I reply when they do ’cause I want to chat to you
Then the next day we’ll speak again and again
I pick up when you call me, so we won’t see the end

Then, Destroy Lonely comes in on the third verse with some regretful lyrics about the part he played in the end of the relationship.

This money goin’ to my head
I ditched the love for the bread and everything that you said
I felt it right when you left

However, at the end of his lines, he reveals how he contributes to the confused feelings PinkPantheress is feeling.

Take your time, please, baby, we ain’t rushin’
You say it’s over and you think you’ve had enough
But every time we fight, I end it with, “I love you

What Comes Next for PinkPantheress?

Last month, PinkPantheress’ “Angel” for Barbie was released. She wrote and produced the song with BloodPop, Count Baldor, and Charlie Puth.

Her hit single “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” has been on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 22 weeks now. With that high in mind, the British singer teased an unreleased song in a small clip. On top of the video, she wrote “album season is upon us.” Fans are crossing their fingers and hoping PinkPantheress will be releasing a debut studio album soon.

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