Troye Sivan and Tate McRae’s Thrilling Collab

There’s a new pop song coming our way and it’s from Troye Sivan, Tate McRae, and Regard. With these three on the track, it’s sure to be a massive hit. April 16 can’t come faster.


Collaboration Central

There are over 50 million monthly Spotify listeners between Sivan, McRae, and Regard. If that doesn’t prove that this is a collaboration for the ages, nothing will. Each artist is a massive star in their own right and has a unique set of talents to bring to the table.


Starting with Regard, the world-renowned producer has an extensive catalog to his name. As a DJ and a musician, he’s brought hits to both the Internet and TikTok time and time again. The performer has a multi-platinum single, “Ride It,” and a hit alongside Dua Lipa with his remix of “Don’t Start Now.” It’s clear that he has his hand on the pulse of the dance pop industry, which only adds to the excitement for this new single.


Troye Sivan, on the other hand, is a synth-pop star. His blend of soulful indie pop and glittery electropop makes his music sunny and warm, but also extremely introspective. From YouTuber and piano player to chart-topping pop star and Golden Globe-nominated musician, Troye Sivan has had quite the career. His slew of hit singles, celebrated albums, and adored collaborations play into his success. His friends and collaborators range from Kacey Musgraves and Charli XCX to Alessia Cara and Ariana Grande. Working with Tate McRae and Regard are a fun, new notch in his belt.


Tate McRae is the perfect balance between Regard and Sivan. She’s an in-depth singer-songwriter with an affinity for the art of popular music. Her rising career is thanks to her range of vocal ability and love of vulnerability. While she is a grand success, she’s a relative newcomer to mainstream stardom. Working with Sivan and Regard helps her build a robust musical resume, which is already busting at the seams. She’s also gaining in on a billion streams on Spotify alone and has a brand new EP peaking on the charts. 


What We Know So Far About Troye Sivan and Tate McRae’s Soon-To-Be Hit Song

A new song from these three performers will help make 2021 stellar. The brand new single, “You,” is dropping on April 16. With a one-word title like that, it would seem that the news on this track is a bit vague. Luckily, Troye Sivan Tate McRae has used TikTok to their advantage. Taking a page out of Regard’s book, the duo shared snippets of this highly anticipated upcoming song on the app.


Sivan shared a snippet of him and McRae singing along to their forthcoming track. In the duet video, the pair are lip-syncing and dancing to the warm-toned song, “You.” The video has garnered 196,000 views so far. In addition, some of the lyrics that fans have made out are, “I’m trying to fall back, I’m trying to fall back onto you.” As well as, “When the Hennessy is strong, all I see is you.”


Following up the TikTok tease was a more official announcement from producer Regard. The DJ shared a snippet of the song on his YouTube page, sparking even more interest in it. In addition, there seems to be a high level of romance within this upcoming song,


Tate McRae is also having a listening party for the new single. “You” is out on April 16 and she shared on Twitter details about the official Zoom listening party. Fans now have an invite to video chat with Tate McRae, Troye Sivan, and Regard on the night of the pop hit’s release.



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