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Troye Sivan Recruits Kacey Musgraves & Mark Ronson for “Easy” Remix

Troye Sivan just remixed his Summer 2020 hit “Easy” and it features two unexpected guests.

What happens when an Australian pop star, a London-born producer, and a Texas sweetheart come together? As seen and heard on the “Easy” remix: magic. 

Troye Sivan recruited country star Kasey Musgraves and production icon Mark Ronson for the new track. “Easy” initially dropped in July as part of the Australian singer songwriters EP In A Dream.

Like the original version, the remixed “Easy” follows the tail end of a relationship and someone trying to pick up the broken pieces. Now, instead of Sivan being the sole performer, Musgraves jumped in to turn the song into a duet. 

Listening to “Easy” ft. Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson

The talented artists play off one another flawlessly, crooning as lovers going their separate ways. Although not originally a duet, the nature of the track being about the reflection of a relationship suits the surprising pair. With only a hint of southern twang, Musgraves taps into her higher register for smooth harmonies throughout the song.

Ronson being the additional creative force on the single took the song to new heights. It’s clear when he’s had a hand in a song, because the instrumentation is always highlighted and the tempo is always boosted. The “Easy” remix with Kacey Musgraves is no exception to that.

The song itself is a synthpop masterpiece twinged with glittery vocals and twinkling guitar riffs. “Easy” might be about the sorrowful end to a relationship, but it’s also a fun, disco twinged sensation. 

Watching the “Easy” Remix

Dropping alongside the remixed track featuring Musgraves and Ronson was Sivan‘s most cinematic music video to date. Truly a mini movie, the video is aesthetically pleasing, dramatic, and quite a bit heartbreaking. However, “Easy” never loses its charm.

In a December 4 tweet, Sivan wrote “My fave music video ever and Mark and Kacey made the song a million times better.” 

The colorful neon lighting mixed in with the warped camera angles and choice of fashion allows the video to pay homage to MTV. The early days of MTV music videos were filled with bright and fun storytelling, which is exactly what this is.

Many fans speculate that the song is about a real break up that Sivan experienced early this year. If they thought that before, the sadness in his eyes throughout the video proves that even more. Although he is having the time of his life shooting the video with his featured performers, it’s obvious how personal the lyrics are to him.

“Now I’m vulnerable, so sad and alone. Don’t cry for me, because everyone knows you reap what you sow, my darling.” With only one co-writer, Troye Sivan wore his heart on his sleeve while writing this song. The addition of a telling music video, as well as Grammy-winning Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson, only showcased that further.

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