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Gwen Stefani & Saweetie Team Up For “Slow Clap” Remix

One month after Gwen Stefani released the solo version of her song “Slow Clap,” she teamed up with rapper Saweetie for a remixed version.

A 2000’s-Inspired Music Video

Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani started teasing new music back in December with “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” Although there aren’t many details out yet, it’s said that the single will be included in the singer’s forthcoming fifth studio album, alongside “Slow Clap.”

The duo shared a fun music video along with the new remix. The old-school music video was directed by Sophie Muller. She previously collaborated with Stefani on the video for No Doubt’s iconic ballad “Don’t Speak” and also her solo track, “Wind It Up.” In this new video, the duo is dancing around, playing in a high school-inspired basketball court, and seen in a locker room. They wear sporty, colorful outfits that they change out of for flowing prom dresses.


Saweetie Plays Tribute to Gwen

In an interview with Variety, Gwen shared how the collaboration with Saweetie came to life. “I saw on the Internet that Saweetie had posted her listening to my song ‘Luxurious.’ Then I wrote to the guy helping me find a feature: ‘Oh look, it’s in the air, Saweetie’s listening to my song.’ He said, ‘Oh, you want her to hop on your song?’ I said, ‘Sure!’ and then literally the next day she posts, ‘I’m going in to work with someone, here’s a clue: she’s iconic.'”

She adds, “It’s just fun because I haven’t really worked with a lot of female rappers besides Eve. At that time we were more like peers. This is like she’s like literally so much younger. To have two girls that are from different genres of music — that’s what I love about it.”

In the new remix version of “Slow Clap,” Saweetie also plays tribute to Gwen’s 2000s-era roots. At the end of the song, she raps: “I ain’t no Hollaback b****. Now I got it, I ain’t gotta act rich,” making a direct reference to Stefani’s popular singles “Hollaback Girl” and “Rich Girl.” Two songs that defined the star’s solo career. 

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