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“Triste”: the new chapter of Blind’s life together with Giaime

Just out from X Factor Italy, Blind is now out with a new collaboration. The singer, after the platinum of “Cuore Nero,” has chosen Giaime for his latest single. It’s the first project together for the two, who didn’t know each other before. About that, Blind said: “The song was ready to be published at the beginning of the year, but I felt that something was missing. So, I contacted Giaime, also if I didn’t know him personally, and he liked it immediately. Then also started a big friendship.”

Blind has good rap skills, always with a particular eye to the melody. He’s new in the music game, but seems like he will achieve a lot in a little while. People like him, and this is important, but also the artists of the old guard appreciated the work of the 20 years old songwriter.

Produced by SIXPM, “Triste” is the classic summer hit but without the usual arguments. Also if it sounds weird, that’s it. Blind and Giaime want their fans to dance but, listening to the lyrics, actually they’re aren’t in that accurate mood. Triste means “sad”, probably the strangest feeling to prove in a season like summer. We can’t be sure about what they wanted to tell us, but this shows some secret aspects about artists’ lives.

Not only music

Blind, besides music, has recently been dedicated to other projects: last month, indeed, his first book “Cicatrici” told fans something more about his past. Because of this reason, “Triste” could be the future redemption of the newcomer. Blind and Giaime showed to the public the other face of the fame, currently hard to discover. This is probably not for all, but instead only for the most careful people.

Final considerations: the song sounds cool, with a great use of the melody (also chapeau to production). The negative aspect, at least for me, is the USUAL research of the USUAL and classic summer sound. Blind had the opportunity to complete this changing process, so he could also risk a bit more for this. However, the young songwriter is just at the beginning of his career, and has big talent. We’ll see in the future, but currently he’s on the right path.

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