Years & Years Drop Enticing Single, “Crave”

Electropop giant, Years & Years, recently released a new single, “Crave.” Olly Alexander, creator of Years & Years, explained the meaning of the song. He says, “‘Crave” is a playful way of inhabiting the energy I’ve always wanted. In the past I felt like I’ve been dominated by toxic relationships, and I felt like it would be fun to turn it on its head.” Along with his new single, Alexander also announced the drop date of his first solo album, Night Call.

An Alluring Music Video from Years & Years

“Crave” is an enticing look into the fantasy world of Alexander’s mind. Accompanied by a seductive music video, fans are introduced to a new side of Years & Years. Featuring a shirtless Olly and alluring women, the “Crave” music video is a commentary on the distractions of celebrity life.

Crave’s Potent Lyrics

Though “Crave” is an upbeat, synth-laden track with a flirtatious sound, it’s lyrics are incredibly potent. Olly sings, “Baby I don’t ever / Wanna replace / All the heartache / For a dream come true / The only thing I crave / Is the pain from you.” Years & Years tells us that their relationship is not a fairytale, in fact it’s far from it. Instead of running from the pain, however, Olly craves more of it.

Olly Has Been Busy

Even though the last album by Years & Years was released in 2018, Olly Alexander has kept himself busy. In January, he starred in the HBO drama, It’s A Sin and received wide praises. He also sang a cover of “It’s A Sin” by Pet Shop Boys with the legendary Elton John. And of course, he’s been working on Years & Years’ next album.

More to Come from Years & Years

Set to release January 7th, 2022, Night Call is Olly Alexander’s “escape for the past couple of years.” In a recent tweet, the Years & Years frontman and solo act shared just how grateful he is for his fans and new music. He writes, “I feel very lucky & grateful to be an artist and I’m so excited to share this next chapter, it doesn’t feel real …it’s been inside my head for so long….” Undoubtedly, his next album will be full of fun, nightlife, and deeper meanings.

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