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Travis Scott Draws Kanye West & 60,000 Fans to ‘Utopia’ Live Premiere in Rome

Rome has a new king: he’s from Houston, Texas, and his name is Jacques Bermon Webster II aka Travis Scott. 60 thousand people attended a concert only announced a few weeks ago which was La Flame’s second Italian date (after the one in Milan). Ninety minutes of live in which the successes of the latest album (which sold 500,000 copies and 650 million global streams in its first week of release) joined the rapper’s classics. 

The Circus Maximus hosted an historic event with people coming from all over the world (not to mention also the many others who were watching the concert on streaming). So many people that they even caused a small earthquake in the capital, as the neighbors reported. Nothing strange for those accustomed to Scott’s live shows who, however, decided to amaze the Italian fans by bringing a super guest star on stage: Kanye West. 

Kanye’s presence

Ye was previously seen on vacation in Florence with his wife Bianca Censori, and that’s when people started making assumptions about his presence. 

“There’s no Utopia without Kanye West. There’s no world without Kanye West. There”s no Travis Scott without Kanye West. Give him a round of applause,” yells Travis Scott before hugging his inspiration.

Kanye performed one year after his last time. The two duet on “Praise Godand Can’t tell me nothing,” respectively from Donda (2021) and Graduation (2007). He then disappeared with the same speed with which he had manifested himself on the stage. 

An historic event

A world premiere, Kanye, the Circus Maximus have been the elements to define this concert “historic”. With his “Utopia”, Travis Scott animated the 60 thousand of the Circus Maximus.  But this is not paranormal, it’s actually all true.

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