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Miguel And Lil Yachty’s “Number 9” Takes Us On A Trip

2000’s R&B sweetheart Miguel doubles back with new single “Number 9” featuring rapper-turned-rockstar Lil Yachty. 

2000’s R&B sweetheart Miguel doubles back with new single "Number 9" featuring rapper-turned-rockstar Lil Yachty. 
@Miguel Via Twitter.
Lil Yachty announces “The Field Trip Tour” launching September 21, 2023 in support of his beloved psychedelic rock LP Let’s Start Here.
Lil Yachty. @lilyachty Via Twitter. March issue, Cover Of @billboard magazine. Photographer: Peter Ash Lee

“Number 9” Brings Together An Unlikely Pairing

Recognized as a prodigy in the genre, Miguel teams up with one of hip-hop’s rookies of 2023, Lil Yachty. The unexpected R&B collaboration takes us on a hallucinogenic trip with a simplistic beat and layering of Miguel’s buttery vocals. But, genre-bending is nothing new for rapper/singer Yachty. As his latest critically-acclaimed album Let’s Start Here. ventures into psychedelic rock and pop. His new sound had the internet in shambles, earning him respect and recognition.

This year, TikTok brought a new life to 2010 hit “Sure Thing” climbing the charts 13 years after its release. It was only right to reward fans with new music. “Number 9” follows his forthcoming album’s lead single “Give It To Me” released in April. “Number 9” incorporates Miguel’s effortless dulcet vocals with hidden metaphors over the psychotropic production. According to a statement from Miguel, “Number 9” is “about end[ing] the old, starting new, and the cylindrical nature of change.”

Miguel Welcomes Change In This New Chapter

Moreover, Miguel welcomes self-growth and development and experiences a rebirth in “Number 9.” “Breaklights off in the distance, don’t follow me / And the sky came crawlin’ out beneath the waves (Huh) / Crashin’ in to the sun, ain’t no stoppin’ me / And when the checkered flags are waved / There’ll be no one else and nothing left of me.” He sings about having a gun on top of his tongue that stores kisses instead of bullets. “Wide awake, keep up / Fallin’ shapes, don’t die / On my tongue, a lap / On my lap, a gun / In the gun, a kiss / Let it blow your mind.”

Yachty sweeps in with a melodic verse on “Number 9” calling himself the “gran reaper.” He will creep into your dreams, follow you everywhere and has the power to awaken your mind. “Fell your default and emotions / Fulfillin’ devotion / Don’t you get away, I’ll be on your skin like lotion / Livin’ inside your brain, I’m the reason your brain’s open.”

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