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BTS Announces “Proof” – Their Impact in a Bow

The non-stop success that is BTS will soon be encapsulated in a single body of work: “Proof”. The project is an anthology album featuring their releases over the last nine years. Proof will show-off and highlight their different eras of music from, past, present, and future. It’ll also feature three new tracks alongside it. 

The announcement comes off the heels of BTS’ Vegas Takeover and Grammy performances. Making this a celebration of their non-stop sprint to success since 2013. It’s honestly very impressive considering that many artists have attempted to have such success only to find burnout. For BTS is it just a matter of time or is this the pace their marathon just is? 

Alongside the announcement BTS released a trailer for Proof. Going into their various sounds attached to the corresponding visuals. This makes it a treat to watch for long term fans of the group.

This BTS album releases on June 10th, so… next month! Coming in three CDs it’s sure to be a treat. We’ll be covering the release, plus the three new tracks as soon as they’re available. So make sure to catch up soon. 

That’s it for now! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.


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