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Mae Stephens’ TikTok Viral “If We Ever Broke Up”

TikTok is birthing yet another hit single: “If We Ever Broke Up” by the new pop singer on the block, Mae Stephens. The 19-year-old became an overnight sensation on New Year’s Day after a snippet of the song went viral on her TikTok page. Accumulating a total of 10 million views, eager fans began to hound Stephens for the song in full. On February 10, the singer-songwriter would grant her fresh set of fans their wishes. 

​​Mae Stephens “If We Ever Broke Up” – Artwork: Courtesy of EMI Records

Mae Stephens Calls Her Ex’s Dad

“If We Ever Broke Up” imagines a world where Mae Stephens was still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Through years of maturity and reflection, Stephens has new perspectives on her previous partner. “If we ever broke up, I’d never be sad / Thinking about everything that we had / If we ever broke up / If we ever broke up, I’d call your dad / And tell him all the shittiest of things you’ve said / If wе ever broke up,” the chorus reads. 

TikTok is birthing yet another hit single: “If We Ever Broke Up” by the new pop singer on the block, Mae Stephens.
Mae Stephens. maestephens_ Via Instagram. (Photographed By: Antony Woolmer)

“It was written from the perspective of if I was still with my ex-boyfriend and, if I had the attitude and the experience that I do now when I was 16, I would have done all these things and told his dad what he did,” she explains in a press release.

Basically, the self-taught musician imagines how she would act now if she were to experience the breakup again. Stephens reflects on all his ill-treatment, and itches for him to get the karma he deserves. “If girls in white dresses and big winter wedding / Is something you want to be true (Yeah) / Then pack up your drama, this selfish dilemma / Is something this shit can’t undo,” Mae Stephens writes in “If We Ever Broke Up.” And so, if her old partner wants a fairytale ending, then he is sadly mistaken according to the singer. 

Mae Stephens delivers an exquisite salty farewell to a teenage lover in “If We Ever Broke Up.” She surely did not hold back! Check out the new single and let us know what you think in the comments! To discover more up-and-coming artists click the links below:

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