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Topic & Bebe Rexha Collide on “Chain My Heart”

German DJ Topic and pop superstar Bebe Rexha teamed up for a new dance-pop track, “Chain My Heart.”

What “Chain My Heart” is About

The new single features Bebe’s evocative, rapid-fire vocal delivery and Topic’s darkly melodic production. They make an intoxicating combination on the track, which was released by Astralwerks.

Co-collaborator and NYC-native Bebe Rexha explains, “‘Chain My Heart’ is about finding somebody that truly captivates your heart, and not wanting to let them go. I had a great time working together with Topic, he is very talented. I am so excited for everyone to hear this song!”

Topic adds, “When creating ‘Chain My Heart,’ we noticed relatively early on that the song needed a strong woman who could convey a certain edginess with her voice. With some melodies, you directly imagine the person you want on the track in the process. Bebe Rexha was the one who struck our minds instantly. Vocally, she has exactly the attitude that the song needs. You can hear that especially in the pre-chorus.”

Both Topic and Bebe Have Been Busy This Year

Bebe has been releasing a lot of new music this year. She started off with singles such as “Sacrifice,” “Sabotage,” and “Die For a Man,” which later on formed part of her May album Better Mistakes, which features a total of 13 songs. “Chain My Heart” arrives only a month later, showing that the singer has been working hard on her music.

Topic, on the other hand, has also been staying busy. He kicked off the year by dropping “Your Love (9PM.)” Since then, he’s been making remixes of popular songs such as “Paradise,” “Natural Blues,” and Troye Sivan’s “You.” During a recent interview with Pop Juice, he shared what he looks out for when remixing a song. “I don’t look for anything in particular. It depends on how I like the song and if I can connect with it. The popularity of the original song or artist is secondary to me. I recently remixed the reprise version of Moby’s ‘Natural Blues’. Of course, Moby is one of the pioneers of EDM, but I did the remix mainly because the track is a legendary masterpiece.”

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