Tyler The Creator Is Cutting Up With ‘Lumberjack’

The genius of Tyler The Creator is back and he’s letting us know to call him when we get lost. After putting up a huge billboard in the middle of L.A., Tyler has now dropped a new song.

LUMBERJACK” is the latest creation by the creator, and the vision for the track is unmatched. The single, however, is far from what we saw last from Tyler. As we step into this new era of Tyler The Creator’s music, we can expect another crazy concept behind the new album.

The visual that Tyler put together for this song and teaser leading up to it are stunning and hilarious. However, when the music started playing, the chords and off-center melodies reminded me of OG Tyler.

A New Era Tyler The Creator


After the huge success of his 2019 conceptual album IGORTyler has been busy at work. The fifth studio album landed Tyler his first number one Billboard spot.

After receiving best Rap Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards, he’s been focused on his clothing company and he even made a song for Coca-Cola.

But now we’ve seen the first glimpse of what Tyler The Creator has been cooking up. And even though he is giving us another one of his albums that truly tells a unique story, we still hear the always familiar in your face gritty Tyler. His approach this time around is definitely more refined, but he does steer away from his past soft boy neo-soul.

His past two works of art Flower Boy and IGOR took a softer approach to things and talked about heartbeat and sensitive subjects.

This time around Tyler doesn’t care about all that. Lumberjack is here to cut us down to size and bluntly tell us what’s up. I love this new tempo Tyler The Creator is coming with and can’t wait for the other masterpieces in store.

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