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Alex G to Play Governor’s Ball June 7

Alex G will be playing the Governor's Ball on June 7.

Last summer, Alex G traveled the country with alt-rocker Alvvays on a co-headlining tour. Now, he’ll be playing the Governor’s Ball on June 7. Read on below about last year’s performance and just maybe… a preview of what to expect.

Alex G in Boston

The singer-songwriter focused on the music, but between songs, he joked about his previous performance in Brooklyn. He told the crowd how the New Yorkers warned him not to come to Boston, noting the long-held rivalry between the two major cities. The outdoor auditorium was packed, seats filled with loyal fans of the indie bedroom-pop favorite.

However, despite Alex G’s reputation for making sad music to cry to alone to in your bedroom, his soft vocals sometimes turned into metal-esque screams; the drums were thundering, the bass slapped lowly, and his lead guitarist lit up the stage with powerful riffs. The show did quite the job promoting his 2022 album, God Save the Animals.

Alex G’s performance was captivating and fun, but it was not the only one of the night. But, rather than have a new, smaller opener band, this was a co-headlining tour. Alex G and Alvvays took turns operating as each other’s openers. Both bands equally commanded the stage and proved neither one had egos, as the “opener” played fewer songs and did not return for an encore. On this show, in particular, Alex G served as the opener for Alvvays. The tour, which covered only the Northeast United States, ended on September 1, 2023, in Buffalo.

God Save the Animals

Regarding his latest album, Alex G said the following:

“I guess it’s kind of left-field. After a long time of not really putting stuff out, I thought [the album] would be the most interesting choice… It’s honesty like catching a ball or something. I just don’t allow myself to think, ‘Should I put my hand here or here?’… Maybe there’s someone who’s very good at this, buried deep down, who’s just not in touch with the dumb part of me that’s navigating the world… A lot of the music is still relying on my gut. Like, if I have a guitar part, and it gives me a gut feeling, I add that.”

Setlist for Boston 8/25/2023

Below is Alex G’s setlist for his show last summer. Will some of these songs show up in his Governor’s Ball performance? Tune in on June 7, 2024, to find out.

  • “S.D.O.S”
  • “Runner”
  • “Hope”
  • “No Bitterness”
  • “After Ur Gone”
  • “Ain’t It Easy”
  • “Rejoyce”
  • “Mission”
  • “Bug”
  • “Brick”
  • “Horse”
  • “Blessing”
  • “Immunity”
  • “Sarah”
  • “Mary”
  • “Gretel”
  • “Miracles”
  • “Forgive”
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