December 09, 2022

Three Dimensions Deep, Amber Mark’s long awaited album


Amber Mark competitionNew York singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark releases her second album, Three Dimensions Deep. In a blend of sci-fi, astrophysics, doubts and emotions, the album comes up as a perfect descriptive fusion of Mark’s music journey.

The album also includes singles like Competition, and Softly.

Three Dimensions Deep

Three Dimensions Deep is a perfectly cohesive presentation of Mark’s musical versatility. In fact, the album comes out as a mix of, among the others, R&B and hip-hop, but also house and funk.

The structure of the album consists of three acts reflecting Mark’s journey. The artist faces the topic of the identity discovery. She first identifies her own insecurity, she finds a sense behind her self-discovery and finally reaches a sense of self worth.

The astrophysics influences

Amber Mark is highly inspired by the themes of sci-fi and astrophysics, which she gracefully inserted into the album. Some of examples of astrophysics theories appear in songs like Darkside or Event Horizon. Event Horizon, for example, recalls the theories surrounding black holes and the reactions bodies have when – hypothetically – get close to black holes. In fact, event horizon is, as Merriam Webster quotes, “the boundary of a black hole beyond which nothing can escape from within it..”

Moreover, in all the songs the Mark chooses words that recall the universe and the concept of space and metaphysics. Some examples are the terms transcend, constellations, satellite and atmosphere.

One of the most impactful songs of the album, Darkside quotes:

“There’s so much stressing ’bout all the doubts
In my head
But boy when you’re around, you calm me down
You transcend, ayy.

“Take flight
Liftoff the ground like a satellite
You make me feel a little lighter
The dark side gets a little brighter
When I died
Your atmosphere brought me back to life
You make me feel a little lighter
The dark side gets a little brighter.”



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