December 09, 2022

Winnetka Bowling League & Demi Lovato Collide on “fiimy”


Winnetka Bowling League and Demi Lovato teamed up for a new soothing yet tragic ballad, “fiimy.”

Demi & Winnetka Bowling League Are a Flawless Match

“Fiimy,” which stands for “f*ck it, I miss you,” offers the sadness that comes after parting ways with someone you once saw a future with, and realizing that there might be some spark left to revive the relationship. “Six months and countin’ dry. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try. I know I held your hand like a bunch of balloons. And I knew I was meant to hold on to. But I was just a stupid kid,” frontman Matthew Koma sings alongside Demi Lovato.

In an interview of the pair with Rolling Stone, frontman Matthew Koma revealed what made Demi the right choice for the song, “It was just a no-brainer. When they showed interest in wanting to even collaborate, I was just fucking stoked. We finished the lyrics over text and it was one of those things where it wasn’t forced, and just organically came to be — those are always the best ones. Especially with somebody like Demi, whose voice you’re so used to hearing and grew up listening to, it’s fun to hear how that instrument brought a song you started in your bedroom — and in your underwear — to a completely different level. It’s surreal. We’re just really thankful that somebody would take the time that Demi has to make the tune as good as it could be. We’re very lucky.”

Demi Got Inspired By Real-Life Experiences

When asked whether the song’s lyrics were inspired by real-life experiences, Demi added, “For me, definitely inspired by real life. We did this one early last year so some time has passed. Today, I’m feeling good being alone — but I definitely had my sad moment, for sure. . . . I think it’s part of the process. Sometimes I write songs and by the time I release them, I’m in a totally different mindset. Whether that’s the case or not, at some point in time, those were true lyrics coming from my heart from where I was in that moment. I never neglect the past and how I felt in the past. I just wear my lyrics like a badge of honor like, ‘Yeah, this is what I’ve been through.’”

Pulp is Winnetka Bowling League’s Newest Project

“Fiimy” arrives just as Winnetka Bowling League just shared their latest EP, pulp. The new project includes the previously released singles “pulp” and “barcelona,” which features singer Sasha Alex Sloan. It offers two new brand new tracks alongside “fiimy,” which are “dandelion” and “emotionalporn.”



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