Amber Mark Talks Self-Worth in “Competition”

Amber Mark is back with a new single uplifting single, “Competition.” It follows up “Worth It.”

“Competition” is Amber’s Second Single of the Year

“Competition” is rumored to be the second single off Amber’s highly anticipated debut album, with “Worth It” being the first one. Amber previously dropped a debut EP, 3:33am, back in 2017. Since then, she has been working on singles and individual projects.

“Worth It” was Amber’s first single since “Generous,” 2020 was a busy year for the artist. With her hometown of NYC hit hard in the first wave of the pandemic and placed under strict lockdown, Amber turned to her simple home studio to create an acclaimed series of home-produced covers and originals titled “Covered-19,” each accompanied by a homemade video and artworks. 

During a pre-release Livestream, Amber stated, “This song means so much to me, and the message. I know it’s called competition; but it’s actually about the opposite of competition. It’s all about how much stronger we are together. We should lift each other up regardless of where we come from and who we are.”

She also shared, “I hold this one so close to my heart. ‘Competition’ comes from a state of always comparing yourself to others and how ruthless that competitive nature can be towards yourself and towards others.” says Amber. “The song is a reminder of how much stronger we are together.”

The song speaks to Amber’s sentiments, with the singer powerfully musing over lush synths and jazz-influenced piano. As always, Mark’s voice blends raw energy with an unimpeachable beauty. The daring video highlights her unique voice; which finds Mark and her dancers doused in blue and bringing their moves to stunning architectural beauties and vast desert expanses.

Amber recently announced that she will be having her first show of the year in London on August 24. Details about the show can be found on

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