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Uncovering “Minefields” With The One Eighties

The best part about music discoveries is uncovering hidden gems like The One Eighties. Learn more about the duo here.

Artist Profile: The One Eighties

Raleigh-based duo The One Eighties has had quite the story already in their musical careers thus far. Originating as The Reveilles, the pair started off in a band on the rise before they were forced to pivot toward another dream. Going their separate ways, Autumn Brand and Daniel Cook created The One Eighties. Aptly named after their career’s journey, this is a duo that you don’t want to miss out on.

“After garnering high praise with their former band New Reveille from The New York TimesRolling Stone, Billboard, and CMT, they were just starting to make waves in the music world. But like many a common tale, their record label closed down, the pandemic hit, and the band went their separate ways. At that point, the chronically indecisive pair pulled a “one-eighty” and changed the course of their musical lives, energized by the challenge of setting out on their own as a duo. Their debut album “Minefields” ventures into new musical territory, combining traditional roots instrumentation with soaring 80’s synths, “space-country” steel guitars, and layered strings reminiscent of early film-noir.”

-Via The One Eighties official website

Exploring Minefields

The One Eighties 'Minefield' cover art
The One Eighties ‘Minefield’ cover art

Autumn and Daniel have only been working together for a fairly short amount of time (since mid-2022). However, they are no strangers to the music industry. Whereas many artists take time finding their footing, these two dove straight in. Their discography hosts a conglomerate of sounds and melodies that seem natural to The One Eighties. They’re a combination of all things interesting; from plucky guitars to nostalgic synths, there’s something foreign and familiar about this pair. Moreover, there are layers to Autumn’s voice that you can’t help but love. She’s wistful and velvety, layered over complementary instrumentals that make for an alluring listening experience.

All of this can be heard throughout their debut album, Minefields. With standout tracks like “Two Jet Planes” and “No King,” we promise this is an album you’ll want to add to your rotation. The album is best visualized via the album cover itself. No matter where the music takes you, it’s undoubtedly an otherworldly record that paints colors across your mind. It’s a wonder how we’ve gone so long without a music act like The One Eighties.

For any music lovers in North Carolina, you’re in luck! You can catch The One Eighties playing in Durham County each week in December. Visit their official website to stay up-to-date with any news and releases from the duo, and check back in with Music Daily for new music discoveries! For now, check out their debut album, Minefields, down below and be sure to follow The One Eighties across all social platforms.

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