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On This Year’s Ultra Music Festival

Photo Credit: Ultra Music Festival

With its stellar lineup announced back in October 2023, this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami will be headlining some of EDM’s big names. This includes the return of Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who hasn’t performed at this particular music festival in ten years. Another big name includes Martin Garrix, who will take the main stage as well as be a big-name headliner. This is something he hasn’t done since 2014. Other popular headliners include David Guetta, Afrojack, Tiesto and Armin Van Bureen. 

Ultra Music Festival 2024

Ultra started in 1999 when founded by music producer Russel Faibich and concert promoter Alex Omes. As the festival grew, it was moved to various locations around Miami, as well as extended another day given the number of artists performing. Even though this festival has seen success, there have always been major issues with crowd control. This is especially true after an incident when a security guard was left in critical condition after being trampled by a crowd. After this, organizers had to place volume limits on the venue and the festival itself.

Despite the setbacks from previous years, the festival has continued to draw in fans from all around the world. 2024’s festival promises to reignite the passion of EDM enthusiasts everywhere. The lineup grew from 30 major headliners to 150 artists since its announcement. Even though bringing artists and EDM  fans together can be challenging to put on a good show, this year’s festival will be performed in seven different acts. It’ll be an ideal way for a fan to immerse themselves in the festival. They’ll also still be able to witness some of the best performances they can lay their eyes on. 

The festival will kick off on Friday, March 22nd, and end on Sunday, March 24th, at Miami’s Bayfront Park. Read the whole lineup here.
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