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There’s More To Know About 100 gecs On “mememe”

The hyperpop-duo, 100 gecs, return with another lick-filled single, “mememe.” However, the track sounds crisper than their previous tracks, where they put heavy-handed chaos into their work. The vocals are less pitched-up and autotuned. While there are tamer parts of the song, such doesn’t contract from their mosh-worthy energy. There is plenty of crazy elements to bang your head against! They first teased the single on November 12, 2021, but fans never expected its release this quickly. 100 gecs never play by the rulebook, and this surprise is a definite treat.

100 gecs “mememe” Analysis

“Mememe” sees 100 gecs feel unsatisfied with their relationships, where no one ever listens. Dylan takes over the explosive chorus, “You’ll never really know, know-know-know, know-know-know / Anything about me, me-me-me.” The drums shine and give it a rock flare while the verses allow both artists to tell their stories. Dylan leads into the first verse, “When we were together, I tried to tell you / I used to tap dance, and I was in choir /And I broke my arm when my dad crashed a go-kart.” Although their maximalist approach made them a name-brand, selecting their punchy moments reeves up the energy. It makes the track more enjoyable; there’s a buildup to each section of the song, and the more audible verses invite listeners to sing along.

Laura outdoes herself in the second verse, noticeably ditches the signature 100 gecs Auto-Tune. In a conversation with Pitchfork, she says, “As I’ve been exploring my voice more, I’m like, ‘I can do this’”. She is also not holding back on 100 gecs’ next album, 10000 gecs, stating she has taken vocal lessons and is sick of worrying about the outcome. In her verse, Laura raps, “Do I sound like a joke when I’m talking to you? / I take it back quick, and I nod like ‘true’ / You say so many things, and I don’t know what I mean.” Each time they collect themselves in the verses, they let loose in the chorus with a cluster of sounds. Sound that makes no sense, but feels good to freak out to. 

“Mememe” Music Video

The music video feels the same wacky vibe as the camera captures the artists from the inside of a mouth. The duo is also wearing contrasting wizarding robes while dancing in the middle of a park. It’s nice to see them freak out to the same parts. It shows that these geniuses aren’t just making songs for their audiences, but music they themselves can enjoy. And for how bizarre their visuals are, the aesthetic matches the sound they are so great at making.

Final Thoughts

This rageful track is not only ear-candy but shows the evolution of the hyperpop renegades. Their crazy sound finds new ways to excite listeners while showing that these producers are masters of their craft. Their well-respected peers Charli XCX, Tommy Cash, Hannah Diamond, and Rico Nasty are frequent collaborators on their tracks. So, 100 gecs’ creative genius appeals to genre-respecters, and their influence is visible within their own craft. 100 gecs’ upcoming album, 10000 gecs, still doesn’t have a release date. But this electric track is enough to pull fans through their everyday life until they unleash such greatness. Whether you want to run an extra mile or simply bob your head on the bus, “mememe” is a guaranteed freak-out!

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