Lizzy McAlpine Recruits Jacob Collier For “erase me”

Rising singer-songwriter Lizzy McAlpine recruited British musician Jacob Collier for the soothing new track “erase me.”

Lizzy Achieves a Milestone

Lizzy has been working hard on new music for her fans this year. Even though she just released her debut album Give Me A Minute last year and her live EP When The World Stopped Moving in April, she is already working on her next piece of work. The artist has teased that her latest track “doomsday” along with the newly-released “erase me” will form part of an upcoming project, which we cannot wait to hear more about.

On “erase me,” Lizzy recruits Jacob Collier, whom she has been a fan of for a long time. This is a huge milestone for her, who couldn’t hide her excitement when sharing the news on Instagram. “Thank u to Jacob Collier for singing BGVs on this song, I seriously am having a full-circle moment rn. In 2019 I went to his MIT release show for djesse vol. 1 and would not have believed u if u had told me that 2 years from then I would have a song with him. I am eternally grateful for u Jacob & in awe of your talent.”

Talking About Loneliness on “erase me”

Lizzy explains that “erase me” is about that hard time after a breakup when you just want to find someone else to fill the void. “After a breakup, it feels easiest to seek comfort in the beds of strangers but that almost never makes you feel better. It makes you feel lonelier because there’s ‘nothing there but skin. This song explores that feeling, along with the idea that the person you love could replace you too, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

She adds, “The video for ‘erase me’ really encapsulates the meaning behind the song because it shows the aftermath of a breakup. You fill the space that person left with strangers in an attempt to forget. At the end of the video, we see that it didn’t work because I end up back at the school from my previously released ‘doomsday’ video. You can try all you want to forget them but as soon as you’re reminded, you’re heartbroken again.”

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