Chloe Moriondo’s New Collab on “Dizzy”

Since the release of her critically acclaimed major-label debut album Blood Bunny in May, Chloe Moriondo has seen tremendous success and tremendous growth. The singer continues her climb to success with a new single, entitled Dizzy that was released on Friday. In the making of the new single, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter and YouTuber has collaborated with Alfie Templeman and Thomas Headon. 

The song is “fun and feels new and is also just really catchy,” shared Headon. Dizzy is in fact a light-hearted and carefree alternative indie song. It also presents some disco-pop influences.

The three young artists do not take themselves too seriously in the making of this single. And this represents the key of the song’s success. In fact, it depends precisely on the lightness that characterises the young Detroit star’s way of sharing her life. The combination of love, young dreams and humor allows Moriondo’s music to reach the hearts of her millions of fans. Her typical genuineness and authenticity are also present in this single.

Chloe Moriondo, Alfie Templeman and Thomas Headon’s friendship behind the work

The majority of the song has been written, recorded and produced via Zoom. “It’s crazy,” said Templeman. “I had so much fun finishing the production on it at home. There’s something super special about this song and I think people my age will really be able to relate to it and understand it.”

The collaboration led to a friendship between the two British artists and Moriondo. “It’s been super exciting to be on Dizzy with Chloe and Alfie, they’re great friends of mine already so to now have a song with the three of us is so cool,” said Headon. Moreover, Moriondo added “Alfie and Thomas are such SWEET LITTLE BRITISH BOYS, I am very blessed to have them on this silly lil tune!! It was really fun workshopping lyrics for it over Zoom and putting random shit in the shared note we used.”

“We had a lot of fun making it and I can’t wait til we can all play it together one day,” added Headon.

The lyric video

Together with the song, the trio released the lyric video. Eliza Williams directed and illustrated the video and Knifeson Yu animated the images. Just like the single, the video also conveys a feeling of lightheartedness.

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